10/14/07 1:00 PM Please Vote For Me 請投我一票

pvfm Three eight-year old students-a charismatic challenger, a ruthless incumbent, and a thoughtful outsider- all campaign for the coveted position of class monitor in a third grade classroom in Wuhan China. Hot debates. Backstabbing. Alliances. Experience the new age, learn about the connection between parents & the child in China today. “還記得小時候的那些事嗎?今天中國的孩子們在做什麽呢? “請投我一票”講述一群8歲的小學生為競選班長參與的“民主實驗”。三位競選候選人各出奇謀,迅速掌握了爭取選票的“技巧”:激辯,結盟,拉票,暗算,空頭諾言和行賄……幼年的政客在成長—一部讓你捧腹大笑又發人深省的影片。我們通過此片了解民主的實踐和中國獨生子女的新新人類文化,並從中體驗華人家庭關係的轉變。本片得到了《華盛頓郵報》和白銀電影節主席Patricia Finneran的高度評價-“這是一部非常精彩的片子”。(建議學校組織家長和學生共同觀賞影片)。Free and open to the public, reserve your seat here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/73338357

At an elementary school in China, a teacher picked up three children as Class Monitor candidates at the first day of new semester. This film is lighthearted look at a democratic experiment that can also cast parallels to the election system in the United States.

Mandarin with English Subtitles.
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Silverdocs Sterling Award 2007 Winners
Directed by Weijun Chen; 55 mins; 2006; English subtitles.

陳為軍作品, 普通話對白, 英文字幕

The movie will be played at October 14, Sunday, 1:00PM, CCC 3rd Floor.
9/11/07 6:00 PM, San Francisco Public Library
10/14/07 1:00 PM Chinese Culture Center Cinema (C4)
Free and open to the public. For more information go to www.pbs.org/independentlens/pleasevoteforme

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