10/17/08 C4 Screening “Made in China”

Made In China
When: October 17, 2008 (Friday, 6:00 pm)
Where: Chinese Culture Center, 750 Kearny St, 3rd Floor
Admission: $5 public, $3 member

*Note: We are no longer screening “Forbidden City, U.S.A.” on this date*

C4 is pleased to present “Made in China” (2008). Filmmaker John Helde sets out to understand his father Tom’s remarkable childhood as a white American growing up in 1930’s China. Navigating his father’s reticence, he tracks down Tom’s China-born peers, a unique community of Americans who grew up with a foot in two cultures. But when cancer intervenes, John’s hope for his father to return to the home he left behind fades – and John’s ensuing solo journey across modern China, guided by new friends, becomes an exploration of what “home” really means.

This film is 70 minutes long, and in English.

For more information about C4, and a listing of the entire year’s program, visit our 2008 Film Series page.