C4 Screening: 11/4 (Sun) 1:00PM Dam Street 紅顏

dam street Dam Street

Yun, sixteen, a schoolgirl was expelled due to her secret pregnancy. At the same time, not only both the village and her family were strongly against with her pregnancy, but also the condemnation of her pregnancy led Yun to a struggle to carry on her life in a male-dominated society…

After being expelled from school, Yun made a living by singing opera in a small variety troupe. Ten years later, people were no longer interested in opera but pop songs. One day, Yun was back to her hometown with the troupe and befriended a little boy named Xiao Yong, a 10-year-old boy who is also one of her mother’s students. However, their friendship somehow turned Yun’s life into an awkward exposition through the eyes of public. damn street
In addition, Yun was also burdened with a life contradicted the fundamental moralities of society for years due to her past and present life. She decided to leave her hometown. All the social and moral oppressions and struggles would be left behind.
小雲離開學校後,進了一個歌舞團並當起了川劇花旦。輾轉十年, 歌舞團回到這個小鎮。但改革開放後,人們不再喜歡傳統的川劇,反而要求那些花旦穿著性感衣服演唱國語流行曲。小雲回到家鄉後,認識一個名叫小勇的10歲男孩 。然而在是非云云之下,他們二人的友誼互動讓小雲的生活進入了一個尷尬且奇妙的變化。此外,由於她那不為人知的過去(未婚生子)和現在的生活, 讓小雲承受了許多來自社會和道德的壓迫感。於是她決定離開她的家鄉, 尋找自己的天地,留下那些所謂的社會和道德包袱。

Directed by Liu Yi (2005); Mandarin with English subtitles; 93 minutes. Jointly presented with Global Film Initiative
李玉作品(2005); 普通話對白, 英文字幕; 93分鐘

The movie will be played at November 4, Sunday, 1:00PM, CCC 3rd Floor.
Free and open to the public.