1/16/09 – 4/12/09: In Search of Roots Exhibit

Date/日期: January 16, 2009 to April 12, 2009

Exhibition Opening/展覽開幕
Time/時間: 6:30pm to 8:00pm on January 16, 2009
Location/地點: Chinese Culture Center Gallery
750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Here in this exhibit 2008’s twelve interns present to you their journey throughout San Francisco’s Chinatown, the National Archives, and the homes of their ancestral villages. Each brought to the program their own personal history – their own life experiences, and their own identities. Each was searching for something different and of course found distinctive answers. More often, however, they found more questions. You will see in this exhibit their journeys through the Pearl River Delta region of the Guangdong Province of China, and through the counties and municipalities of Guangzhou, Foshan, Doumen, Xinhui, Kaiping, and Taishan. Through this exhibit they attempt to express all that they have learned and so far understand through symbols, photographs, artifacts, and writing. To grasp their complex findings it is essential that you do as they have done this past year – stay flexible, suspend judgment, and keep an open mind.