15th Jujo Jiang Goe Tournament

American Ing Goe Club is proud to present: the 15th Jujo Jiang Goe Tournament at Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco. Sponsored by Ing’s Goe Foundation & Chinese Culture Center.

Fee: $ 40 for adult, $30 for youth under 18, $5 discount for current AGA members.

Day 1, Jan. 20, 2007 (Saturday): three round 10AM – 5PM
Day 2, Jan. 20, 2007 (Sunday): two round 10AM – 3PM

On-site registration 9AM, All levels welcome!

事由: 第15屆江鑄久杯圍棋比賽

地點: 舊金山中華文化中心,乾尼街 750號,希爾頓酒店三樓

日期: 二零零六年一 月二十日 至二十一日

現場報名: 9:00 AM

日程: 第一天(周六10AM – 5 PM)下3 盤
第二天(周日 10AM – 3 PM)下2盤

報名費: 成年人:$40, 18嵗以下:$30

贊助單位:應昌期圍棋基金會, 中華文化中心

In 1989 Jiang Zhu Jiu, 9-Dan, the number two player in China at the time, immigrated to the United States. He was shortly followed by his wife Rui Nai Wei, 9-Dan. Mr. Jiang quickly went about working toward raising the level of Goe playing in the US by providing lectures and training videos. With his help San Francisco and the Bay area were able to get an endowment to promote Goe in the US from the Ing Chang-Ki Goe Foundation of Taiwan. The American headquarters of Ing’s Goe Foundation is now located in Menlo Park, Ca.

In 1992, in honor of the great efforts that Jiang Zhu Jiu made in promoting goe in the United States we began hosting an annual tournament in his name. It quickly became the largest American tournament other than the US Goe Championship. The tournament has started many fascinating trends over the years. In many years it attracts some professional players from outside the United States in the open section, thus giving the top American amateurs a unique opportunity to play tournament games with professional players. Originally, the tournament had a youth section for children under age 18; but that section got so large (over 150 players) that we now have a separate youth tournament twice a year.

Young players are still welcome this tournament and many of the strongest players are now under age 18. The highlight of 2006 was a 15 year old boy from New York winning the United States Goe championship.

The San Francisco Goe Club is one of the oldest clubs started outside of east Asia. It has been the scene of many unique events such as a visit from Wu Ching Yuan, the greatest player of the twentieth century. The San Francisco club was also the site of a friendship match between Nei Wei Ping and Cho Hoon Hyun the world’s two best players at the time in 1986. The club has been host to every mayor from Dianne Feinstein to Wille Brown. 美國應昌期圍棋會

江铸久, 山东济宁人,圍棋9段。1989年移民來美,並致力於在美國通過講座和教學錄像的方式推廣圍棋的普及。在他的幫助下,舊金山灣區得到了臺灣應昌期圍棋基金會的資助,應昌期圍棋基金會在美國的總部設立在加州的Menlo Park.

在1992, 爲了褒獎江鑄久在推廣圍棋方面的貢獻, 應昌期圍棋基金會開始了以他命名的圍棋比賽。該比賽很快成爲了美國最大的圍棋比賽, 並成功吸引了許多本土以外的專業棋手, 也同時為美國本地的業餘棋手提供了高水平學習和切磋的機會。在比賽創辦的初期,組委會設立了18嵗以下的少年組,但是該組別成長迅速, 圍棋會現在已經單獨為18嵗以下的少年設立了兩年一次的比賽。

這個周末舉辦的比賽仍然歡迎18嵗以下的年輕棋手。 2006年賽事的一大亮點就是一名來自紐約的15嵗小棋手勇奪了大賽的冠軍。

位于舊金山的美國應昌期圍棋會是東亞以外歷史最悠久的圍棋俱樂部, 曾多次舉辦精彩活動,包括圍棋大師吳清源的訪問,1986年聶衛平和曹薰鉉的友誼賽等。