2008 Tai Chi Workshop


Tai Chi Workshop 太極拳講座
Time: 4/17/08 5:30PM-7:00PM
Location: Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
750 Kearny St. 3rd Fl, San Francisco, CA 94108
地點:舊金山中華文化中心, 乾尼街750號 三樓
Admission: $50 for non-CCC member
$45 for CCC member
$40 for CCC Tai Chi Class student
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Welcome Sifu Chen Xiang & Sifu Feng Xiuqian! Chinese Culture Center is proud to host a workshop for Tai Chi lovers. Masters Chen Xiang and Feng Xiuqian from Beijing will demonstrate Hunyuan Taijiquan, an abbreviation for Chen Shi Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan, and have a mini workshop on the internal “gong” exercises that are the foundation of Taijis power. These simple but effective exercises can be practiced purely for health with great benefits and can improve the internal strength and explosive power of those who train in any style of martial art.

Chen Xiang is well known in China for his internal power and fighting skill. He is a committee member of the Beijing City Martial Arts Association and vice-secretary general of the Chen-style Taijiquan Research Association. He also is an instructor at the Feng Zhiqiang Martial Arts Academy in Beijing,

Feng Xiuqian is the daughter of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, regarded by many as the greatest living taiji master. She has a deep and detailed knowledge of the Hunyuan taiji system created by her father that blends traditional Chen-style taiji with Xinyi Quan and internal “gong” exercises. Feng Xiuqian also is a vice-secretary general of the Chen-style Taiji Quan Research Association and an instructor at the Feng Zhiqiang Martial Arts Academy.

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中華文化中心非常榮幸邀請到Chen Xiang師傅和Feng Xiuqian師傅為太極拳愛好者舉辦太極拳講座。兩位太極大師將現場示範混元太極拳,並就太極“内功”修煉做簡短介紹。這些簡單有效的練習方式,可以強身健體,並且有助於内功修煉。