Happy New Year!

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In 2013, we have:
  • Engaged over 60,000 people to experience thought provoking art, education, culture and history
  • Led over 4,000 schoolchildren in the Bay Area on the Chinatown Democracy Walk
  • Brought the global movement on feminism and LGBT activism to Miami in CCC’s first traveling exhibition “WOMEN我們”
  • Connected ink painters international artists Kiki Smith, Toyin Odutola with local Chinatown in “The Moment for Ink” exhibition
  • Connected Hong Kong and adventure in the “Curiosity Box”
  • Brought digital access to art scholars & universities around the world to Chinese American artists at the same level as Picasso, Jackson Pollock and others through a historical collaboration with ARTstor
  • Inaugurated the Him Mark Lai Learning Center to make history alive leading over 100 Bay Area family members to Locke and Courtland in the Sacramento Delta in the first “Roots California” expedition
  • Created workshops for youths and immigrants from low income families to  participate in drumming, silk screening, digital story-telling and ballroom dancing
  • Connect San Francisco with Miami, New York, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Hong Kong, Madrid

In 2014, we look forward to:
  • Make the Chinatown Art Walk possible every week
  • Give tribute to a Taiwanese painter, who has influenced the abstract painting world
  • Connect renowned international artist Xu Tan with community youth and art making in Chinatown
  • Create more art murals and public art in Chinatown
  • Discover Napa, to uncover the hidden evidence of the Chinese contribution to the beauty and success of Napa Valley as part of the Roots California expedition
  • Provide a FREE tour of Chinatown to immigrant and low-income youth to empower and engage in history
  • Increase the number of schoolchildren to learn about Chinese American history and Chinatown
  • Make history come alive with more educational seminars
  • Continue to provide free programs, such as the Chinatown Music Festival, Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, and movie screenings to the community