6/20 C4 Screening “Summer Palace” 華劇院放映 “頤和園”

When: June 20, 2008 (begins 5:30 pm)
Where: Chinese Culture Center, 750 Kearny St, 3rd Floor, San Francisco
Admission: $5 public, $3 member

Summer Palace posterC4 is pleased to present “Summer Palace” (2006), a film by Lou Ye, for its next installment. This film will be played in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Banned by the Chinese government, this powerful drama follows rebellious young Yu Hong as she leaves her small village and her family behind to attend Beijing University in the late 1980s. As her tumultuous relationships with two different men reflects the turmoil gripping her country, she begins to become overwhelmed by chaos. (Note: Due to its graphic nature, this film is suggested for mature audiences only.)

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Here are some excerpts from A. O. Scott’s review of the movie from the New York Times:

“Summer Palace,” which was first shown in competition at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, is remarkable for its candor about politics and sex. Perhaps unsurprisingly, its honesty has not been appreciated by Chinese authorities, who banned Mr. Lou from making movies for five years after he brought it to Cannes without their permission. But the film’s ardent, unsentimental embrace of youthful idealism is likely to strike a chord with anyone who can recall — or imagine — such feelings overtaking his or her own life.

Mr. Lou, however, is not interested only in reconstructing a vanished moment of high, intoxicating promise in his heroine’s (and his generation’s) youth. He is equally concerned with what comes after, with the drift, disappointment and compromise that seem, for his characters, to constitute both the legacy of Tiananmen and the mundane facts of postgraduate life. He follows Yu Hong and Zhou Wei as they make their way across the splintered landscape of adulthood, and takes note, via television clips, of the changing world around them.

In the end Mr. Lou is not trying to reflect on the recent Chinese past so much as he is trying to communicate its texture. Perhaps inevitably, this effort leaves some loose ends and blurred impressions. But in “Summer Palace” he nonetheless succeeds in finding a cinematic language that does more than summarize the important events of a confusing decade. He distills the inner confusion — the swirl of moods, whims and needs — that is the lived and living essence of history.

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地點:舊金山中華文化中心,kearny 街750號,3樓

C4將于下一季榮幸為各位朋友帶來由婁燁拍攝的電影《頤和園》(2006)。 此片將以國語對白,英文字幕放映。

影片講述了在1989年的中國,當時社會政治複雜,身處其中的兩個年輕人的愛恨糾葛。漂亮的虞紅離開了她的村莊,家庭和男友去北京學習,在那裡她發現了一個展新的世界。並愛上了周偉。兩個人的關係變得危險起來。(注意:介於電影情結的需要, 只允許成人觀看)

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頤和園 摘自紐約時報A.O.Scott的評論