A Fresh Crop of Interns and Staff


This past summer, the Center has had the joy of drawing in the fresh faces and ideas of our new interns and staff. Bringing in their own skills and thoughts and simultaneously absorbing our programs’ inspiration, they have helped to create a new division of culturally enlightened people in the Chinese community of San Francisco. Written below is what some of them had to say about their experiences with working at the Center.

“When I learned about the Chinese Culture Center, I was immediately drawn to its dedication to the preservation and development of the Chinese heritage. Having completed several internships before, I find this to be the most exciting yet. The friendly social environment here makes work very much more enjoyable. I hope that my stay here has benefited the Center to some extent and I definitely wish to contribute to the Center again in the near future.”
— Fiona Fang

“Being a Chinese American, I have always wanted to learn more about Chinese culture and, if possible, share its wonderful integrity with all who are interested. Along with a wonderful staff and fellow interns to know and love, the Center also gives me a chance to learn much, much more than meets the eye about the Chinese and Chinese-American arts. Balancing the old culture with the new can be difficult, but I can tell that CCC is well on its way to perfecting this task, and I am thrilled to be a part the effort.”
— Michelle Chung

Get to Know the Interns:

Name: Ashley
Internship Period :( July 2007- Present)
Age: 17
Education: High School Senior at Philip and Sala Burton High School (San Francisco, CA)
Hobbies: cooking, relaxing
Why she chose to work at the Center: to feed her love for Chinese Culture and contribute to a non-profit organization

Name: Darja
Internship Period:( June 2007- August 2007)
Age: 22
Education: College Senior at Smith College (Northampton, MA)
Hobbies: Traveling, going to museums
Why she chose to work at the Center: to fulfill her interests bound in the images of China in the West and to further her knowledge in the Chinese language, culture, and literature

Name: Denise
Internship Period :( August 2007- January 2008)
Age: 26
Education: MA in communications from Hawaii Pacific University
Hobbies: Watching movies, shopping, traveling, cooking
Why she chose to work at the Center: because it is an honor to promote Chinese Culture to the American Community and because it would be a fun, unforgettable experience

Name: Fiona
Internship Period :( July 2007- August 2007)
Age: 17
Education: High School Senior at German Swiss International School (Hong Kong)
Hobbies: psychology, people, photography
Why she chose to work at the Center: because of its dedication to the preservation and development of the Chinese heritage

Name: Michelle
Internship Period: (June 2007- Present)
Age: 15
Education: High School Junior at Lowell High School (San Francisco, CA)
Interests/Hobbies: eating, dragon boating, listening to music, learning about different cultures
Why she chose to work at the Center: to learn more about Chinese Culture, especially that which exists in San Francisco, and to have hands-on experience in an organization that cares more about spreading the awareness of something than making a profit.