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Instrument1 Field Trip to Adventures in Chinese Music
Fall 1998

     The Chinese Culture Center invites you and your students (first through fourth grade) to attend its newest program, Field Trip to Adventures in Chinese Music. Master musician Hong Wang will teach the workshop, introducing students to Chinese classical music and the various instruments on which it is played.

     The workshop, to be held in our auditorium, will be attended by students from various local elementary schools. Mr. Wang will conduct the workshop, interspersing discussions of his art with demonstrations on various instruments, accompanied by members of his ensemble Melody of China. After each demonstration, he will pepper the children with questions designed to elicit spontaneous reactions, after which some of the children will get a chance to practice what they have learned.

     Instrument2The instruments may include the erhu and gaohu among the bowed string instruments; the pipa, yangqin, and guzheng among the plucked string instruments; and the xiao and dizi among the wind instruments.

The program dates are as follows:
Date Time
To be announced To be announced
To be announced To be announced


     Please contact Brooke Banks @ (415) 986-1822 at your earliest convenience to reserve a space at the workshop.Instrument3

Updated: August 09, 1998
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