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      On October 17th, 1997 (Friday), the Chinese Culture Foundation will hold its 32nd Annual Dinner Gala at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco. We will be honoring Dr. Chang-Lin Tien for his accomplishments in education and contributions to our American society. Dr. Tien, first as a college professor and then as the Chancellor of the University of California-Berkeley, best exemplified the successful fusion of a Chinese-American heritage. Therefore, the theme of our dinner celebration is East West Fusion: Strength of America.On behalf of the Foundation, we are inviting you to join in this celebration by becoming a supporter in one of the following categories. Your support will be acknowledged both in the event’s invitation and in the evening’s program. In addition, each category will also receive its respective benefits as follows:

      The Chinese Culture Foundation, founded in 1965, is a non-profit corporation which provides support for the Chinese Culture Center, whose goals are to promote and to foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese and Chinese-American cultures. The Center, which opened its doors in 1973, brings neighborhood and overseas resources together to serve the cultural needs of Bay Area residents. In response to San Francisco’s role as part of the Pacific Rim, the Center develops and presents cultural and educational programs, concert performances and youth research internships. Like most non-profit organizations, the Foundation/Center is heavily dependent on membership and fund-raising contributions from generous people like you.

      We would be most honored and appreciative if you would join us in this celebration through your financial support and most importantly, through your presence at the event. The celebration will include a lively reception, dinner, speech by Dr. Tien, and dancing to the sound of Eastern and Western music in the surroundings of a grand San Francisco historic hotel. Please contact the Chinese Culture Center at (415)986-1822 for reservations.

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