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Cultural Explorations Series

The Center is pleased to announce the inauguration in January of a series of programs devoted to the exploration of Chinese culture. The monthly program will take place on a Thursday evening between 6:30 to 8:00 pm. A light reception will be scheduled afterwards to facilitate discussion and networking.

The first program of the series will feature traditions associated with Chinese New Year, scheduled for Thursday, January 16, 1997. Entitled "Firecrackers, Nianhua, Hongbao: Customs and Folklore of Chinese New Year," it will be an insightful exploration with slides given by Sally Leung, a knowledgeable speaker on Chinese culture and a docent of the Asian Art Museum for over 10 years. This timely theme will mark the auspicious beginning of the year of the ox, or year 4695 in the traditional Chinese calendar. Officially, February 7, 1997 marks the first day of lunar New Year.

The second installment of the series, "Harbinger of Auspiciousness: Dance of the Lion," will focus on the tradition of lion dancing and related art forms. Today, the excitement of lion dancing accompany many celebrations, from business openings to weddings. The New Year season is especially important to lion dancing performers. David Lei, a practitioner for over 15 years and president of the Chinese Performing Arts Foundation, will present a discussion and demonstration of this art form. This second program will take place on February 20, 1997.

The third Cultural Explorations Series will feature "Cultural Awareness Through Music." Clara Hsu, president of Clarion Music Center in Chinatown, and Michael Santoro, will explore the musical history of China and give demonstrations on the playing of selected instruments. Emphasis will be placed on the origin and evolution of music instrumentation in China and its influence in the Far East. This program, hailed by teachers, parents, and educators, will take place on the evening of March 27, 1997.

The Cultural Explorations Series is offered admission free to members of the Chinese Culture Center. Cost to non-members is $3.00. An informative printed program introducing the topic of the month will be offered to members of the audience.

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