8/16/07 7:00 PM American Fusion

AM8/16/07 7:00 PM: C4 is proud to co-host a Free to Members – Special screening of American Fusion – a comedy as diverse as love itself.

First 100 CCC member receive the special American Fusion Gift Basket! Sylvia Chang, Director Frank Lin and the crew will come to meet with the audience. 主演張艾嘉(專訪)與導演及主創將親臨首映現場與觀衆見面。 最先到場的100名中華文化中心會員將得到”融入美利堅的禮品袋”

Yvonne (Sylvia Chang) is a divorced middle-aged Chinese immigrant who thinks her life is over, and she is doomed to spend the rest of her days as a slave to her large and eccentric family. Suddenly, romance enters her life and Yvonne gets a long deferred chance for true love. However, she falls for the last person a Chinese family would accept of, Jose (Morales), a Hispanic dentist.「融入美利堅」由華人影后 張艾嘉,美國西班牙明星 Esai Morales 伊塞.莫拉萊頓 (La Bamba 青春傳奇, NYPD Blue)主演。整個故事充滿了各種新鮮有趣的多彩角色,觀眾會在觀看電影捧腹大笑的時候,體會到中華跟墨西哥兩種不一樣的文化竟然也能從愛情裡產生共鳴,觀眾也將深刻體會各色人種在美國這移民大熔爐裡和睦相處的精髓。

Tickets: $5 donation to CCC 購票:$5捐贈
Free to CCC members (please contact the center for ticket pick-up) or sign up here

The film features an all-star cast, including the celebrated actress, writer and director Sylvia Chang. Chang has acted in more then 90 films, including EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN (1994) and THE RED VIOLIN (1998). Since 1986 she has been directing and writing her own films, including 20:30:40 (2004). Sylvia received 5 awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in 1995 for SIAO YU, and a Golden Horse nomination for Best Director for PASSION in 1986.

Esai Morales made his film debut in BAD BOYS with Sean Penn. His next major film Role as 50s rock musician Richie Valen’s half-brother Bob in the Luis Valdez directed film LA BAMBA (1987) caught the attention of the entertainment industry and stole the hearts of audiences. Esai spent three seasons playing Lt. Tony Rodriguez in the Emmy award-winning ABC drama series NYPD BLUE. He will soon be seen in the independent films, THE VIRGIN OF JUAREZ, with Minnie Driver, and AMERICAN FUSION, directed by Frank Lin, as well as the CBS telefilm HEARTLESS with Melanie Griffith. Esai is currently filming on the hit TV show JERICHO.

American Fusion was the recipient of the Audience Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival, along with winning top honors at the Asian American Film Festival as well.

PcPicture of the Press Conference at Chinese Culture Center

All proceeds from the screening will be donated to Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco.

Tickets: $5 donation to CCC 購票:$5捐贈
Free to CCC members (please contact the center for ticket pick-up) or sign up here

Tickets: $6 donation to CCC for non-members. Free to CCC members (please contact the center for tickets pick-up)

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