Art Practical rates White Ink as a top show of 2011

Art Practical’s Zachary Royer Scholz calls CCC’s Xian Rui 2011 exhibition White Ink the “Best Exhibition you Likely Never Saw” in Art Practical’s Best of 2011 column. Says Royer:

the Chinese Cultural Center (CCC) may be a bit off the radar for many art viewers, but Zheng Chongbin’s exhibition White Ink was more than worth a visit. Drawing equally from Western abstraction and calligraphic tradition, Zheng’s visceral ink paintings paradoxically were both fresh and ancient. Though made on traditional Xuan calligraphic paper, the works possess a blunt structural power similar to the work of Franz Kline, an emotional weight reminiscent of Anselm Kiefer, and a gestural embodiment that calls to mind the performative drawings of San Francisco’s own Tom Marioni.

By popular demand, White Ink has been extended until September 3

CCC Gallery Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM-4PM.

The opening of White Ink, May 19 L-R: Zheng Chongbin, Abby Chen, Evelyne Jounanno, Hou Hanru