Book Reading: Return to Middle Kingdom

Date: Saturday, June 7th
Place: Auditorium
Time: 12:00 pm
Admission: Free

Return to the Middle Kingdom by Yuan-Tsung Chen uncovers the past of her late husband, Jack, and his family’s role in China’s history. Chen chronicles how Jack’s grandfather, Ah Chen, a landless peasant, fought in the Taiping Rebellion against the Manchu court and fled to the Caribbean. Then Chen traces the life of Jack’s father, Eugene, who rose from poverty to become Trinidad’s first Chinese lawyer and participated in the revolution that pitted Communists Mao Zedong and Chou En-Lai against Nationalists’ Chiang Kai Shek. Chen’s late husband was seized by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution and ordered to write a confession, while Chen served as his translator. Combining elements of a biography and history, the book becomes a lesson in the history of China, spanning three revolutions that shaped China today through the eyes of three family generations.

Join us June 7, 2008 for a compelling book reading about an influential family’s past. Be one of the first to hear excerpts from the book.

Interview about the author and her book: