C4 audience review: Please vote for me 請投我一票觀後感

pvfmChinese Culture Center appreciates the audience and community attending Please Vote for Me, one of our C4 film screening, on October 14, 2007. Please Vote for Me is not only about how three eight-year-old school children competing for a position of class monitor but also about hot debates, backstabbing, alliances, experiencing the new age, and learning about the connection between parents & the child in China today.

In this movie, Luo Lei beat other two candiates, Cheng Cheng and Xu Xiaofei, and won the position of class minitor. Though some of our audiences have different opinions towards the result, this film also stimulates and inspires our ideal definition of democracy in terms of present society. Here, we are very happy to have four Newcomer Hight Scool students sharing their reviews. Those students, Zhen ShuJuan 甄淑娟, QiuTong Liu 劉秋彤, Weiquan Tan 譚偉權, and YiPeng Yu 餘奕鵬, expressed their ideas in response to the campaign, election result in this film and their feelings towards democracy. Please click on their names for more interesting thoughts (Chinese only).