Call for Proposals for the CCC Shop!

Call for Proposals!

The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco is currently in the process of a major overhaul of our gallery shop. We’ll be creating greater visibility for emerging contemporary artists and designers while contributing to the arts community’s financial sustainability. The CCC gallery shop provides a venue for local artists and artisans to showcase their work, and features unique collectables with local and international flavor. Through consignment agreements, artists and designers will be given space to display and sell their original works. Please note that consigned items must engage with the CCC’s mission to “preserve, promote, and influence Chinese art and culture” (applicants do not need to be of Chinese descent) and must generate $350 in sales revenue within a consignment period (6 months).

To have items considered for inclusion in the CCC Shop, submit a proposal for consideration including:

– Statement of purpose on how the items engage with the CCC’s mission;  artist statement/biography; resume

Consigned Item List (in spreadsheet to include description of items, unit cost, and retail price)

– Photos of work

As a part of this overhaul, the CCC is seeking proposals for an additional project. The entrance to our gallery includes a semi-permanent display case that projects a particularly dated image in its current configuration. We are accepting proposals for installation pieces that will reinvent this space to be more representative of a gallery that predominantly exhibits contemporary art. Applicants may submit proposals for both projects. The deadline for the first is ongoing; the deadline for the second is December 1st.

Proposals should be submitted to
Display Case:


The Chinese Culture Center gallery is San Francisco’s leading arts venue dedicated to expanding the discourse on contemporary Chinese and Asian American culture. Here, local and international artists showcase the diverse realities of identity amalgamated from varied geographies and times, focusing on the vitality of creating in an as-yet undefined space.As a longtime advocate of cultural exchange, the CCC widens access to intersections of differing traditions and perspectives in order to accurately depict our thriving, evolving community. After 46 years of preserving, promoting, and influencing the course of Chinese and Chinese American culture, the CCC is very excited to embark on a new pursuit to engage this mission through a primary focus on contemporary art. Works purchased in the gallery shop are priced to reflect this belief, and are intended to foster the inclusive spirit that the CCC has maintained for over 40 years. The gallery hosts a monthly performance series in conjunction with a rotating exhibition of featured shop artists, and all events are free and open to the community.

Echoing Chinatown’s own storied and dynamic persona, the CCC gallery celebrates immigrant stories alongside native and multi-generational ones, giving voice to work that is at once cutting edge and central to our shared cultural experience.