Call to Artists: Deadline June 30

CCC is pleased to present Abby Chen’s exhibit titled with the Mandarin-English homophone WOMEN 我们, meaning both ‘women’ and ‘we’. We are currently searching for work that fit the theme, “visibility, authority and possibility” concerning women’s, gay and transgender rights. Selected artists’ works will be shown at the CCC in San Francisco in the autumn of this year.

The WOMEN exhibit evolved from what was going to be a purely feminist exploration and expression of feminism in Chinese visual culture to examine gay and transgender visibility as well. As such, this exhibit was one of the first of its kind in Shanghai. The original show consisted of ten artists, three groups and one NGO social project in the show; they worked in multiple mediums such as performance, installation, video, drawings, and sound. The goal was to introduce a visual experience on the edge or the forefront of culture, these work strive to influence and push the value proposition and discourse, which are often lacked, estranged, or even feared by the mainstream society. For more information see our prior post.

The deadline for submissions is June 30th. To submit works: 1) join the CCC gallery at, 2) upload your images, and 3) tag them “womenccc2012”. Please also upload your artist statement and resume of works on the website’s form.

Please direct all questions to jenny(at)

See also the documentary film trailer of the original “Women” show in Shanghai: