CCC Curator Abby Chen Opens WOMEN我們 in Shanghai


CCC Curator and Deputy Director Abby Chen has opened a show in Shanghai. Titled with the Mandarin-English homophone WOMEN我們, meaning both ‘women’ and ‘we,’ the show focuses on works by feminist and gender queer artists, and is one of the first of its kind in Shanghai.

Women 我們 features 13 artists, including Xian Rui 2010’s Stella Zhang and current CCC gallery featured artist Mu Xi, and one group work. On view in Shanghai through January 10 at EMG Gallery, in conjunction with the conference “International Chinese Women and Visual Representation,” held by Fudan University and University of Michigan.

The exhibition received rave reviews from Global Times and East Morning Daily:

Global Times Logo  “Extending imagination,” Hu Bei, Drawing Their Own Conclusions, Global Times, 12/25/2011

“展现了女性主义多样的角度和丰富的肌理,” 朱洁树,千面女性 千种主义,东方早报,12/26/11

Opening Night