CCC Hosts International Goe Tournament

Join us this Saturday for the 20th Annual Jujo Jiang International Goe Tournament, featuring renowned female competitor Rui Naiwei!

From the American Goe Association’s website:

The world’s smartest woman returns to San Francisco for the Twentieth Jujo Jiang Goe Tournament.  In what is often said to be the world’s most difficult game of strategy, continuing to defy computers unlike its eminent partner in strategy games, chess, Rui NaiWei has achieved what no other woman has in any similar intellectual contest.  Already undisputed as the most accomplished woman player in the entire 4,000 year history of the game, Ms Rui astonished the goe world when she became the first woman to reach the highest level of goe rating, 9-Dan.  Although the women earn their ratings playing with men, they had never been able to reach the almost sacred level of 9-Dan.  But Ms Rui shocked the goe world even further in 2000 when she won the most prestigious of Korean goe titles, the Kuksoo.  No woman had ever competed for a major title which included the men, being relgated to separate women’s titles.  Ms Rui’s accomplishment is unduplicated in any similar intellectual contest.  Except of course by herself when she again won a title with the men competing by winning Korea’s Maxim Cup, a title only open to 9-Dan players.

Join us this Saturday and Sunday Jan. 7 and 8 from 9:30am to 6pm for workshops on Goe in the CCC Auditorium. This event is free and open to the public.