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Title of Position: Executive Director

Organization: Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco

Location: Chinese Culture Center
750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor, San
Francisco, CA 94108

Position Summary: This position requires an ability to provide strong leadership and in the operation of the Chinese Culture Center (CCC), to develop and implement art, cultural, and educational programs, to obtain consensus from different points of view, and to meet the expectations and needs of multiple constituents. The executive director is expected to be fiscally responsible and skilled in keeping a balanced budget. The executive director is expected to generate and maximize the income revenues for the CCF. The executive director is expected to interact harmoniously with members of the board of directors and work effectively with the diverse community constituencies. The executive director will lead this growing organization to the next stage of development.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

  1. experience in planning, organizing and managing financial, human and physical resources;
  2. successful grant writing and procurement experience;
  3. evidence of effective decision making with the ability to set, manage, and implement priorities;
  4. proven ability to supervise staff members and volunteers;
  5. successful management of resources within the adopted budget;
  6. ability to develop, present and interpret programs to board members and the community and mobilize support of and participation in programs;
  7. effective organizational and managerial skills at motivating and developing staff;
  8. ability to relate well with outside professionals so that accounting, legal and human resource issues are resolved;
  9. proficient in the use of technology;
  10. successful oral and written communication skills.

Preferred Skills and Abilities (not required):

It is preferred that the executive director has the ability and/or experience to identify, research, plan and implement art exhibitions for the CCF. It is preferred that the executive director is bilingual and biliterate in the English and Chinese languages.

Application Procedure:

Please send a letter of application together with a vita/resume to:

Dr. Colin Wong and Albert Cheng, CO-chairpersons
Board of Directors
Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco
750 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Or email: alcheng888@aol.com and

This position will be opened until filled. The website for the CCF is http://www.c-c-c.org.

The Chinese Culture Center is a nonprofit organization that opened in 1973. It is located on the third floor of the Holiday Inn Hotel in the Chinatown/Financial District. The Center is governed and partially supported by the Chinese Culture Foundation, which was founded in 1965. The mission of the Foundation is to promote, preserve, and influence the course of Chinese and Chinese American culture.

Responding to San Francisco's importance as a gateway to the Pacific Rim, the Center strives to provide stimulating educational programs, exhibits, performances, tours, workshops, classes, youth research internships, and family history programs for young people. The Center is rooted in the Chinese and Chinese-American communities and provides services and enrichment to the general population of the Bay Area and beyond.

The Chinese Culture Center is an equal opportunity employer.