Central Subway Art Project

Central Subway Mural

© Jim Howes

Central Subway- Journey to Chinatown Mural Photos >>>
[ 淘金流盡辛酸淚

The Gold Rush sheds bitter tears
The road construction creates pioneering credit
關卓中 撰書 ]

Calligraphy & Poem: Yuen Kwan

Location: Wentworth Alley in Chinatown, between Grant and Kearny at Jackson.

Journey to Chinatown Events & Activities

Central Subway Artist Workshops: Poet in Residence, Lauren Huang led two workshops with SF performance/visual artist and curator, Justin Hoover and Gold Mountain Society to create various poems based on the Angel Island Immigration Stories. Hoover will participate and create work that will be on display in Chinatown murals and Storefronts in 2013.

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The 3rd Annual Chinatown Music Festival: America’s Cup of Tea – Saturday, August 25th, 2012, 11:00am – 5:00pm
Winter Fair 2012
Spring Festival 2013
  (Interactive Calligraphy Workshop 2/23, 11:30 AM – 2 PM)
Workshop will involve an interactive calligraphy workshop for the public, the culmination of Justin Hoover’s work with Gold Mountain, and an art installation created with artist Chris Treggiari,  supported by San Francisco Studios.

The 4th Annual Chinatown Music Festival: In the Spirit of Hopjok – Saturday, August 17th, 2013, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Journey to Chinatown
is a multi-disciplinary art project that will take place throughout San Francisco’s Chinatown with multiple art performances exploring the history of Chinese immigration to the US. Central Subway Workshops are one of the various projects the Chinese Culture Center will be producing in conjunction with the Journey to Chinatown project.
華埠之旅 是一項探索美籍華人移民史的多元化活動,將 以不同的藝術形式在舊金山華埠各處展開。華埠之旅 探
討華人在建造首條橫貫美國大陸鐵路所扮演的角色和他 們到達天使島移民站而面臨的掙扎。


ENGAGE the public in the creation of artworks that celebrate the experiences of the Chinatown Community and Chinese-American immigration.
參與公眾創作的藝術作品,為慶祝華埠社區和美 籍華人移民的經歷。

CREATE a spectrum of artworks with visual, literary, and performing artists.
創造一系列包括有視覺,文學和表演藝術的藝術 作品。

CELEBRATE the values of traditional and contemporary aesthetics with the community.

PROMOTE the value of the Central Subway to Chinatown and the SF community.
推廣中央地鐵由華埠鏈接到各舊金山社區的價 值。

Funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission as part of the Central Subway Temporary Projects Program
華埠之旅 是中華文化中心的兩年藝術計劃,由舊金山藝術委員會中央地鐵藝術方案贊助。中央地鐵短期藝術活動

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