Chinese Culture Center presents new Art Exhibition Series – Xian Rui

The Chinese Culture Center is pleased to present a new art exhibition series, Xian Rui (pronounced as “shin ray”). The title of the series is significant, ‘xian’ meaning ‘new’ and “rui’ meaning ‘sharp’, as it embodies both the type of art and artists that the series aims to feature.
Xian Rui highlights the work of exceptional Chinese and Chinese American artists in the U.S., whose work is unrecognized, or under recognized, in the U.S. In keeping with the themes of ‘new’ and ‘sharp’, the series will focus on the artists’ most recent works. Artworks will all have been created within the past year and half (18 months) before their exhibition at the Chinese Culture Center Gallery, with a special emphasis placed on debut pieces.

‘Xian’ and “Rui’ also describe the content of the work, as this series showcases art that takes a thought-provoking look at contemporary Chinese culture. Whether by utilizing Chinese art forms and techniques, or deriving inspiration from Chinese heritage, all featured projects will ultimately be both a presentation and reflection of the culture. Xian Rui exhibitions benefit not only the artist gaining exposure, but also the viewer, who will walk away with a renewed appreciation and fresh perspective on contemporary culture.

“Lure/惑”, by Chinese American installation artist Beili Liu, is to be the first exhibition presented as part of the Xian Rui series. The concept behind “Lure” is drawn from the myth of The Red Thread in Chinese legend, in which lovers are connected by an invisible red thread from birth. As time passes they come closer and eventually find each other, regardless of the distance between them, or their social and cultural divides. The exhibit features several installations, all inspired by the Red Thread legend. Lure #1, the highlight of the exhibition, contains small round disks made from tightly spiraled red thread, which are further connected and paired off as couples. Suspended a few inches from the ground, subtle air currents encourage the disks to sway and turn, and with a little effort, visitors can discover the “connected couples,” though the swaying disks have their own “moves” and “affairs” regardless of the lines and connections beneath.

Jointly presented by CCC & Red Clay Arts Lovers Club , “Lure/惑”, is not only Beili Liu’s first large scale solo show, but also the first installation exhibited in the Center’s history, is the official selection of 2008 San Francisco International Arts Festival and 11th Annual United States of Asian America Festival.



Lure/惑 – Installation Art by Beili Liu



CHROMATIC CONSTRUCTIONS: Contemporary Fiber Art by Dora Hsiung


June 19, 2010

0-Viewpoint by Stella Zhang



May 19, 2011

White Ink by Zheng Chongbin

zheng chongbin evaporation


April 26, 2012

Orange Peel, Harbor Seal, Hyperreal by Adrian Wong


April 15, 2014

Into the Nearness of Distance 最近的距離 by Summer Mei Ling Lee