Chinese Mandarin Classes

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The 2012 Summer Mandarin Session will be held on July 21 to September 15, 2012. Break from September 1 to September 7 (Week of Labor Day). Dates are subject to changes without notice.


Register online and save! We are now offering discounted tuition for online class signups. Visit our registration page for details.

Mandarin for Adults

The adult teaching style is interactive with an emphasis on spoken language for practical use, and some character learning. Students participate in simple conversations and respond to visual tools for vocabulary building. The teacher is a native of China, and an experienced, professional teacher with a degree in language education. This is an enthusiastic teacher who makes learning fun for students of all levels.

CCC offers three levels of adult learning:

  • Level 1 “Beginner”
    For absolute beginners, or those with very limited Mandarin background.
  • Level 2 “Advanced-Beginner”
    For those continuing from Level 1.
  • Level 3 “Intermediate”
    For adults with some working knowledge of spoken and written Mandarin.

Class Schedule

Weekday Beginner: Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm-7:30pm
Weekday Advanced Beginner: Monday and Wednesday, 6pm-7:30pm

Saturday Beginner: Saturday, 2pm-3:30pm
Saturday Advanced Beginner: Saturday, 12pm-1:30pm
Saturday Intermediate: Saturday, 10am-11:30am

Weekday Adult Mandarin Class: $375 for In-house registration, $350 for online registration.
Weekend Adult Mandarin Class: $175 for In-house registration, $150 for online registration.

Textbook and other material purchase for Mandarin Class



All Mandarin classes are held in the Chinese Culture Center Wells Fargo Room & Knowledge Room on the 3Mezzanine Floor

For more information please call (415) 986-1822 or e-mail gharrity[at] (please type “Mandarin Class Registration” in the subject of your e-mail message)


Our Instructors

Echo Xue is an experienced language and cultural instructor. An educator at heart, her expertise has helped guide many students in their pursuit of knowledge about Chinese language and culture drawn from internationally diverse backgrounds. Currently, Echo is a Chinese instructor for the Chinese Cultural Center in San Francisco, teaching a diverse cross-section of students about Chinese language and culture.

Previously, Echo taught CSL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) at the Britannica International School Belgrade, Serbia to students ranging from primary to high school age and up in a multicultural environment encompassing Europe, Asia and the Americas. She also served as a liaison in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Council on the Peaceful Reunification of China while pursuing a Master’s degree full-time in Belgrade University in Serbia.

Before her success at the Britannica International School Belgrade, she taught Chinese to foreign teachers in addition to a full time curriculum instructing Chinese students in English at the Aston English School in her native city of Jinan, China. Echo was also a freelance reporter for the Jinan Global English Magazine covering local politics and the arts.