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Exhibition: Bruce Lee: A Retrospective

Bruce Lee

The Chinese Culture Center, the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation, and the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts plan to honor Bruce Lee, the "Little Dragon," in the Year of the Dragon, with an exhibition and other festivities in the city of his birth.

Since the 19th Century, the demoralized Chinese people long endured the derogatory nickname, "The Sick Men of Asia." But almost overnight, Bruce Lee's work on the silver screen shattered the century-old racist image of the feeble and subservient "Chinaman," thereby washing away the ugly slurs and restoring self-esteem for the Chinese.

Due to the medium of his contributions, most people only see Bruce Lee in one dimension: that of the invincible warrior. Yet, the Little Dragon was a complex individual, whose charisma and vitality captivated the attention of everyone fortunate enough to have ever been in the same room with him. More than just a consummate fighter and actor, Lee was a philosopher, a teacher, a poet, a family man, an innovator, and eternal student, excelling at whatever he put his mind to. With this focus, the Chinese Culture Foundation hopes to provide a complete view of Bruce Lee as a man behind the legend, filling in the wide gaps between martial artist and actor.

Our exhibition will display memorabilia from the extensive treasures of three prominent collectors: Perry Lee, Yori Nakamura and Inside Kung Fu magazine columnist Jeff Chinn. Integrated with personal effects from Lee's widow, Linda Lee Caldwell, this exhibition will probably be the largest and most comprehensive Bruce Lee presentation ever. Over 150 pieces will be on display, including diaries, personal letters, drawings, and philosophical writings, all written in Bruce Lee's hand. Clothing, weapons, training equipment, movie memorabilia and other personal items will also help provide a deeper look into the man. Over the years, Bruce Lee's legacy has grown to legendary proportions; with his status as a pop-culture icon and martial arts idol, the exhibition promises to draw the attention and interest of enthusiasts around the world.

Fundraising Dinner

The Bruce Lee Educational Foundation and the Chinese Culture Foundation will jointly host a fundraising dinner on Saturday, October 21 at 7:00 PM at the Empress of China Restaurant. Bruce Lee friends, family, and scholars will be on hand. Tickets are $75, and available through the Chinese Culture Center. Children above 3, or anyone occupying a seat, must pay full ticket price.

Premiere of "Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey"

The Premiere of "Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey," will be shown in the CCC Auditorium on Sunday, October 22 at 2:00 PM. It reveals lost footage from the feature film that Bruce Lee never lived to complete, "The Game of Death." A question and answer period with director/producer John Little will ensue, followed by a reception. Tickets are $35 and available through the Chinese Culture Center. Children under 3 not admitted.


Updated: August 12, 2000 
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