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China And Beyond: Artistic Influences Into and Out of China


As the center of a cultural legacy, Chinese culture has influenced and been influenced by its neighbors since the dawn of recorded history. The flow of ideas in artistic themes and motifs has also crossed national boundaries, and undergone evolution within the cultural framework of their new homes.

China and Beyond: Artistic Influence Into and Out of China, an exhibition to be held at the Chinese Culture Center from May 18 to August 10, celebrates these multinational artistic themes. Comprising more than 80 objects from the collections of members of the Society for Asian Art, the exhibition includes paintings, ceramics, bronzes, jades, and sculpture. All works will either be from China that reflect a foreign influence, or objects from Tibet, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and even Europe that were inspired by Chinese motifs.

Renowned Asian Art Scholar and Chief Curator Emeritus of the Asian Art Museum, Clarence Shangraw will serve as curator for this exhibition. The Chinese Culture Foundation and the Society of Asian Art sponsor the show.