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Magic of the Brush: Paintings by Dr. Catherine Yi-Yu Cho Woo

Incorporating principles of Feng Shui in painting and the display of art, Professor Catherine Yi-Yu Cho Woo of San Diego State University will exhibit 27 of her unique paintings at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco from April 26 to June 12, 2002. She will further give a lecture at 10:30 AM on May 17 to discuss feng shui and the inspiration behind her paintings.

Dr. Woo believes that there is no separation of art, life, and feng shui. Her works therefore embrace and reflect a balance of the five elements-metal, water, wood, fire, and earth-- in Chinese philosophy. They also draw influence from her favorite painters Georgia O'Keefe and Mark Rothko through splashes of acrylic colors more reminiscent of western themes and techniques. Vivid color and graceful design, falling somewhere between abstract and concrete, her works elude strict classification as modern or traditional, Chinese or Occidental.

As a disciple of Mizong Feng Shui, Dr. Woo maintains that the positioning of paintings within a room can have different effects. The display at the Center will reflect these teachings, bringing a sense of tranquility to visitors.

Dr. Woo grew up in a scholar family. She received her doctorate in Bilingual Multi-cultural Education, and went on to become Director of San Diego State Universityˇ¦s Chinese Language Program and China Studies Institute. President Bush nominated her in 1991 to the National Council of the Art, which oversees the direction of the National Endowment for the Arts, where she served for six years.