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Exhibition on View: July 2 - August 30, 1998

      The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco is proud to present an exhibition of over thirty landscape paintings by Li Huasheng, one of China’s most promising contemporary painters. Preview of his paintings can be seen at the Li Huasheng Gallery.

      Li Huasheng was born in 1944 in Chongqing (Sichuan province, China). From 1954-1976, he studied traditional Chinese painting under Chen Zizhuang. He received the Outstanding Artwork Award in Sichuan province in 1981. He participated in the "Exhibition of Chinese Modern Calligraphy and Painting" held in Singapore, the "Landscape Painting" exhibition held in Beijing, and the "Exhibition of Chinese Modern Calligraphy and Painting" held in Singapore.

      In Contemporary Chinese Painting, catalogue for the Chinese Culture Center’s 1983-1984 exhibition of the same name, Li Huasheng is described as one of the most original and interesting painters on the contemporary Chinese art scene. He paints what he sees around him: the stubby trees and thatched huts depicted in his paintings actually exist in the villages of Sichuan, as travelers to that region will attest. His depictions of the Yangzi Gorges with mountaintops full of dian (dots) and rocks defined by fupi (axe cuts) and ‘hemp-fiber’ texture strokes actually evoke the tree-studded mountains and serrated rock forms peculiar to the Gorges. The fundamental realism of his landscapes appears to have very little outside artistic influence but relies upon his natural instincts.

Updated: June 14, 1998

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