Exhibition of Yunnan Paintings

Generally speaking, the painting tradition in China has evolved subtly and incrementally over hundreds of years. The characteristics of Chinese painting are usually discussed in terms of strength and technique of the brush, quality of spirit and essence, and poetic imagery. While certain eccentric personalities punctuated the orthodoxy of the tradition, few schools of painting gained peer recognition by radical differentiation from the conservative mainstream.

This mold was shattered approximately 30 years ago when two painters, Ting Shao Kuang and Jiang Tiefeng, held an exhibition of works in Beijing which celebrated the customs and lives of the ethnic minorities who inhabit China's subtropical southwestern province of Yunnan. This artistic exploration soon gave rise to an entire school of painting which came to be known as the Yunnan School.

Since that time, the Yunnan School of painting has gained critical international acclaim and established itself firmly in the Chinese artistic lexicon. Its stylistic vocabulary and topical themes are characterized by uniformity in line work, bold usage of colors, a love for overlapping geometric design, and subjects centered around the indigenous people and myths of Yunnan province.

The Chinese Culture Center is proud to present, in collaboration with Nan Hai Company, Inc. USA of Millbrae, its first exhibition on paintings from the Yunnan School. The show will open at the Center on August 17 at 2:00 p.m. with a slide presentation in the auditorium by John Seto, the Center's Executive Director, to be followed by a reception. The exhibited works will be offered for sale through Nan Hai Company, Inc., and the show will conclude on September 22.

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