Exhibition: Breaking the Mold – Dottie Low’s Ceramics

Breaking the Mold: Dottie Low

This exhibition, composed of one-of-a-kind pieces by Dottie Low, presents the diversity of her work in terms of subject matter, technique, form and finish. Organized thematically, it reflects the three elements of ceramics: earth, water and fire.

October 7 through November 25, 2006

Chinese Culture Center Gallery
750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Gallery One portrays earth in the organic textured stoneware pieces. They capture the process of earth reacting to the stresses and strains of natural forces.

Gallery Two celebrates the flexibility water adds to clay, flowing into any shape. The pieces in this room are made of porcelain, a fluid and sensual medium.

Gallery Three is devoted to fire. Using the Raku technique, the artist pulls her piece from the kiln at 1800 degrees and plunges it onto organic matter. The flashing from the fire leaves a permanent impression on the clay surface.

Gallery Four presents a video of the artist demonstrating the various techniques represented in the exhibition.

Dottie Low was born in Hong Kong and moved to San Francisco’s Chinatown at the age of one, where she has lived most of her life. Dottie has worked in the clay medium for 40 years and since 1994 continues to teach at Sharon Art Studio in Golden Gate Park. She graduated from San Francisco State University and studied at Sacramento State University and Osaka University in Japan. She is constantly looking to challenge herself and clay’s limitation.

Funding provided by Grants For The Arts of The San Francisco Hotel Fund, Wells Fargo Bank, United Commercial Bank, Parnassus Mutual Fund, Linda and David Lei, Dr. Rolland and Kathy Lowe, Dr. Wayne and Helen Fung, Drs. Anne Fung and Jeffrey Sternberg, Charles Kenney, Dr. Randall Low And Family, Friends of Dottie Low