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For four decades, the Chinese Culture Center has exhibited both cutting-edge and culturally significant artwork in our gallery spaces. Beginning in 1976, when the center exhibited Front-Runners in Modern Chinese Painting, the Center has worked to fulfill its mission to preserve, promote, and influence Chinese culture by dedicating resources to the traditional and contemporary work of local artists.

In recent years, the Center has provided a platform for numerous artists to connect with the community through their vision and their work. Some of these individuals include:

XianRui Fresharp series

2014: Summer Mei Ling Lee

2012: Adrian Wong

2011: Zheng Chongbin

2010: Stella Zhang

2009: Dora Hsiung

2008: Beili Liu


Present Tense 2009

Tamara Albaitis
Cui Fei
Larry Lee

Nancy Chan
Justin Hoover
Sean Marc Lee

Patrick Tsai

Anita Chang
Tucker Nichols
Imin Yeh

Julie Chang
Arthur Huang
Nadim Sabella
Thomas Chang
Suzanne Husky
Zachary Royer Scholz
Sergio de la Torre
Fang Lu

Michelle Yun

Bu Hua
Xudong Yu
Ming Mur-Ray
Indigo Som
David Yun
Charlene Tan
Hei Han Khiang
Liting Liang
Lucy Kalyani Lin
Ken Lo
Elizabeth Moy

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