Fei Contemporary Art Center Video Exchange Project

Summer Lee, Elegy, Video, 2:19, 2010-2011

The Chinese Culture Center is thrilled to collaborate with the Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC) in Shanghai in a video exchange project to promote cultural exchange.

Over the course of the this ongoing project, the CCC will be accepting submissions on an ongoing basis and selecting videos from the US to exchange with FCAC. Selected artists’ videos will be shown in three locations at the CCC in San Francisco, at FCAC in Shanghai, and at Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taipei. Videos will also be submitted for national and international exhibitions.

For a list of videos on view at the Center, at FCAC, and at Bamboo Curtain Studio, click here.

All videos shown at the Center are selected by the FCAC Shanghai from an international base of artists and coincide with our exhibition schedule. The US-based videos selected by CCC will also be on view in the fall and a special screening will occur on August 25. For the current schedule, check for information below.

2012 Videos on View at the Chinese Culture Center

On the Edge of Culture (March 15-April 28)

Du Lizhi, Temptation of an Apple, 09:14 杜立志,《一個蘋果的誘惑》,9分14秒
Chen Yizhong, Rest in Peace, 2012, 04:10; 陳一中,《Rest in Peace》,2012年作品,4分10秒
Li Xiaofei, Songs of the Burial of Flowers, 2010, 04:52;  李消非,《葬花吟》,2010年作品,4分52秒
Wang Chao, Guan Zizai, 2009, 06:24; 王超,《觀自在》,2009年作品,6分24秒
Jing Zhou. Inner Shrine(digital poetry), 2:30 2011

Orange Peel, Harbor Seal, Hyperreal (May 12-August 25)

ARAHMAIANI. Lost in China, 2011; 14:02
Per Hüttner. Episoden, 2009; 4:16
Hui Cai. Beyond the Night, 2010; 11:42 蔡回.  <夜之上>, 2010; 11:42
Tong Chen. Manaishan Railroads, 2011; 7:38 陈侗. <马奈山铁路>
Hangfeng Chen. The Last Supper: Fast Food; 4:12 陈航峰.
Hangfeng Chen. Three minutes, 2008; 3:16 陈航峰.
Yizhong Chen. REST IN PEACE, 2012; 4:10 陈一中.
Yongwei Chen. Train seat Number 17, 2008; 6:27 陈勇为
Ran Cheng.  Summanus butterfly, 2011; 5:00 程然
Dafei Deng. Shenzhou ⅩⅠⅩ Spaceship Astronaut, 2004; 7:45 邓大非. <神州十九号宇航员>
Yingmei Duan. Talk to myself, 2002; 5:52 段英梅. <自言自语>
Lu Fang. Housework Ritual, 2009; 11:44方璐. <家务仪式>
Mingyan Gao. Ambush, 2007; 7:26 高铭研. <埋伏>
Xiaopeng Huang. Break My Treasure Another Time, 2010; 3:34 黄小鹏. <打击我宝物另外一个时间>
Xiaopeng Huang. Everyday is Sunday, 2006; 7:34 黄小鹏. <日日都是礼拜日>
Mu Li. Happy Birthday, 2005; 6:00李牧.

Chinatown Music Festival : Special Screening of US selected videos– August 25

Noah Krell. Touched By That Which Cannot Be Simply Got Across,2011; 11:31
Noah Krell. Washing, 2011; 4:52
Noah Krell. 42 Years, 2011; 2:26
Noah Krell. To Move A Body (Hill), 2010; 10:37
Noah Krell. The Oak Grove, 2010; 3;27
Noah Krell. To Move A Body (Piggyback), 2010; 4:17
Jing Zhou. Inner Shrine(digital poetry), 2011; 2:30
Summer Lee. ELEGY, 2010-2011; 2:19
Hongsun Yoon. Swimming Pool, 2011; 2:30
Lenora Lee Olivia Ting. Reflections, 2012; 8:51
Christine Pan. Cyborgian Affairs v 1.5, 2011-2012; 13:05

WOMEN我们 (September 15- November 30)

Lu Fang. Housework Ritual, 2009; 11:44方璐. <家务仪式>
Summer Lee. ELEGY, 2010-2011; 2:19
Christine Pan. Cyborgian Affairs v 1.5, 2011-2012; 13:05

Applying for the FCAC Video Project:

All video artists are encouraged to apply. For more information on how to apply to be a part of the video project, see the 2012 application.

For all US participants, please send your videos to:

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
Attn: FCAC Video Project
750 Kearny St, Floor 3
San Francisco, CA 94108

For questions, please email jenny[at]c-c-c.org