Folding By Design

Paper Constructions by Nancy Loo Bjorge

Nancy Loo Bjorge

September 4, 1999 – November 7, 1999

The Center is delighted to present Folding by Design: Paper Constructions of Nancy Loo Bjorge, a one-woman show exhibiting the works of this innovative artist. The show opened September 4 to an enthusiastic crowd where Bjorge discussed her pieces and her own artistic process.

Bjorge comes from a true folk art tradition. She learned her first forms from her grandmother during the Chinese religious holidays. Little did she know of the affect it would have on her life. “As I grew older, whenever I would had my hands free I would pick up a piece of paper and start folding.” What started as a hobby slowly built to a life long passion.

Nancy Loo Bjorge

Drawing from the rich history of one of Asia’s great folk art traditions, Bjorge has created something fresh and new. Individual pieces of colored paper combine and come alive to make intricate and colorful “paper quilts.” Elegant paper shapes and mixed media come together to form delicate sculptures.

On September 7, Bjorge conducted a paper-folding workshop with 20 students from the Chinese Education Center. Under Bjorge’s guidance, the children drew colorful designs, learned to fold them into miniature square windows, then combined their pictures with colored paper. The result of their collective efforts is a collage of their drawings and paper folding which hangs in their classroom for all to admire.

Nancy Loo Bjorge’s pieces have exhibited in shows across the country including a Frank Lloyd Wright benefit and the Japan Festival at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.