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East West Fusion: Strength of America Photo Gallery

Chinese Fund-raising Dinner Event, October 1997

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1997 Foundation Annual Dinner Event: Tatwina Lee, Co-chair; Albert Cheng, President; Dr. & Mrs. Chang-lin Tien, and Helen Huli, Co-chair (left to right)
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Dr. Chang-lin Tien with friends and directors of the Chinese Culture Foundation
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Dr. & Mrs. Chang-Lin Tien, former Chancellor of the University of California (left to right)
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Fusion 4
(Left to right): actress Joan Chen and husband on her right, Albert Cheng (CCF President), and Mei Lam (CCF Board of Directors).
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Dr. and Mrs. Chang-lin Tien
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(size: 44kb)

Dr. Tien drawing raffle prize winners to benefit the CCF
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Mistress of ceremony, Sherry Hu of Channel 5 Eyewitness news
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Dr. Tien at the podium
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Updated: March 23, 1998

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