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Adventure to Music Photo Gallery

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Fusion1 Fusion2 Fusion3
School children line up to take part in "Field Trips to Adventure in Chinese Music"
(size: 45kb)

Kids get to play instruments while learning Chinese music.
(size: 30kb)

Children from different schools throughout San Francisco listen to melody of China perform different kinds of Chinese instruments.
(size: 41kb)

Fusion 4
A small ensemble is formed by the students.
(size: 45kb)

The children get to applaud the performance of their peers and classmates
(size: 53kb)

Hands-on experience under the guidance of music conductor, Hong Wang.
(size: 33kb)


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Trying to keep up to the beat of the music.
(size: 48kb)

Children entranced by the performance of Melody of China
(size: 44kb)

More to come ...

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Updated: March 23, 1998

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