Guarding Shangri-La守护香格里拉

Guarding Shangri-La守护香格里拉
The place with the legendary name Shangri-la is situated in Jinjiang, Deqing Tibetan Minority Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The most spectacular site in this area is the Tiger Leap Gorge, where three spectacular rivers meet (The Jinsha River, the Lancang River, and the Nu River), a site that is listed in the UNESCO Directory of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The culture, the wildlife and the lives of the residents of the area are, however, about to be transformed by a new dam. The villagers living on both banks of the Jinsha River are worried about what will happen to the land they have lived on for generations. Protecting the natural environment of their home has now become a key issue. The people decide to oppose the planned changes and search to express their concerns and oppositions.
Directed by Xie Qin, Li Xiaoming, and An Tongqing; 40 mins; 2005; English Subtitles

谢钦 李晓明 安同庆 《守护香格里拉》 40 mins, 2005 (Guarding Shangri—La)
云南迪庆藏族自治州香格里拉县金江镇,就是传说中的香格里拉。“香格里拉、虎跳峡—长江第一湾流域世界上最壮丽的自然景观之一、三江并流世界自然遗产保护地”—这些字眼都是人们给予这片土地的美称! 然而,就是这样一块美丽的多民族聚集的河谷地带,因为一个计划要修建的大坝,这里居民的命运和这里文化生态都将发生改变!于是金沙江两岸的村民忧心忡忡,除了依恋这片世代生活的土地,还有一个更重要的原因就是,村民们家门口的金沙江和山那边奔流南下的澜沧江、怒江,共同形成了世界著名的三江并流自然奇观,被联合国教科文组织列入了世界遗产名录,这让他们十分自豪,也使他们对家乡自然环境的保护更加重视。


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