2/11/08 – Living in America: HAPA Identity Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: Mixed Asian Identity and the Creative Arts

What defines a HAPA? Is there a general definition or do their identities lay within themselves? These questions and more will be discussed on the panel of artists in relation to their own individual art styles as well as the increasingly popular general genre of HAPA art. Partnering with Asia Society, Chinese Culture Center proudly hosts this panel that includes a range of artists of mixed Asian descent — a musician, a visual artist, a filmmaker and a writer. Similar to our very own In Search of Roots Program, in which we help young individuals, of many were HAPA, find their heritage in many of their own diverse backgrounds and cultures, this discussion will further an understanding about the complexity of our rapidly changing community.
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Location: Chinese Culture Center
Chinatown Hilton Hotel
750 Kearny Street, Third Floor
San Francisco, CA
地點:舊金山文化中心, 乾尼街750號,希爾頓酒店3樓

Time: Monday, February 11, 2008 6:00 pm Registration/6:30 pm Program

Admission: $5 Asia Society/Co-sponsor Members/Students
$10 Non-members
入場費: 學生以及會員五元/非會員十元

To register online, please visit here.

This program brings together a range of artists of mixed Asian descent — a musician, a visual artist, a filmmaker and a writer — in a panel discussion moderated by noted mixed Asian scholar Dr. Wei Ming Dariotis. Is there a collective mixed Asian community? What kinds of experiences define it? How do mixed Asian artists relate to loaded labels like Hapa, Eurasian, Afroasian, Amerasian, etc.? How is art used to express mixed Asian identity?
How does artistic expression help to create a mixed Asian community? Though the panel is diverse in terms of artistic disciplines and ethnic identities, the discussion will focus on the common experiences and creative interpretations that help hold the mixed Asian community together.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Asian American Media, Asia Society and Hyphen magazine

Introduction of speakers:

Dr. Wei Ming Dariotis is an Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies, with an emphasis on Asians of Mixed Heritage and Asian Pacific American Literature, Arts, and Culture at San Francisco State University.

Dr. Anthony Brown is a percussionist, composer, and ethnomusicologist. Dr.
Brown received his Ph.D. in music from U.C. Berkeley, where his research focused on the musics of his mixed heritage. Widely known for his use of Asian musical instruments in jazz, he founded the critically acclaimed Anthony Brown’s Asian American Orchestra in 1998.

Lori Kay is a sculptor and mixed media artist who has held exhibitions and received public commissions in various cities including San Francisco. Her work has been widely exhibited on the local, national and international levels.

Stuart Gaffney has been making films and videos about queer and Eurasian identity since 1994. His works have screened at APAture, the Guggenheim Museum, the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, as well as on KQED Television.

Dr. Persis Karim is a Bay Area native who writes about the Iranian diaspora.
Her poetry has been published in numerous literary journals, and she is the author of numerous articles on Iranian American literature. Dr. Karim is currently an associate professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Jose University.