Heritage Tours Volunteer Opportunity




Heritage Tours Curriculum Project


Agency Description:   The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco is a respected community-based non-profit organization established in 1965 to foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese and Chinese American art, history, and culture in the United States. The mission of the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco is to preserve, promote, and influence the course of Chinese and Chinese American culture.

Position description:  The Chinese Culture Center seeks volunteers to develop content about Chinatown’s culture and history that will be presented each year to dozens of visiting school groups through our Heritage Tours. The goals of this project are to:

  • Develop tour content that shares Chinatown’s dynamic role within American society and that challenges preconceptions about Chinese Americans
  • Connect Chinatown’s history with state educational standards 
  • Develop tours that are fun and interesting for kids

Volunteers can be anyone from teens to college students to retirees with a demonstrated passion for Chinese and Chinese American history and culture. Students and educators in Asian or Asian American Studies are welcome, as is anyone who has given serious effort to developing their understanding of Chinese America. The project will take place in three phases. All volunteers will participate in content development, with participation in other phases optional.

Schedule for 2012

  • February & March: Content development.

Three or four meetings with research and writing as needed.

  • April: Testing and revision. Docent preparation. 

Trial run the on weekends or weekdays, with debrief meetings

  • May: Launch new tour.  Lead tours as needed.


Apply: Please email the following by January 14, 2012 to volunteer@c-c-c.org

  • Resume
  • Summary of your engagement with Chinese and/or Chinese American history and culture, and statement of purpose. 1 page maximum.