Inauguration of the Him Mark Lai Learning Center 6/22, 2 PM

Opening of the Him Mark Lai Learning Center

Saturday, June 22, 2013
2 PM

六月二十二日 下午二時


We would like to thank Mrs. Laura Lai, Dr. and Mrs. Rolland and Kathryn Lowe for generously contributing the seed funds to endow the Him Mark Lai Learning Center. Their vision and commitment is the driving force behind this initiative.

Him Mark Lai was an inspiring, incredible historian whose insight transformed the cultural landscape and created meaningful relationships on both sides of the Pacific. It is our hope that the Him Mark Lai Learning Center will continue this powerful legacy by making Chinese American history accessible and relevant to the young generations. The Chinese Culture Foundation cares deeply about connecting people, building strong communities and inspiring youth through cross-cultural experiences.

We envision the Him Mark Lai Learning Center as the hub of our education activities, including the rebranded walking tour, From Dynasty to Democracy, In Search of Roots workshops and seminars, In Search of Roots California program and In Search of Roots China program.

Your presence and encouragement will give meaning to our vision. I hope to personally welcome you to the opening ceremony on Saturday, June 22.

Mabel Teng


Activities of the Him Mark Lai Learning Center will include: From Dynasty to Democracy Walk, In Search of Roots Seminars, In Search of Roots in California, In Search of Roots in China.


The In Search of Roots program was conceived by Him Mark Lai in the mid-1980s. Together with Al Cheng and other volunteers under the auspices of the Chinese Culture Foundation, the Roots program was developed and presented in 1991. The family of Dr. Richard and Tatwina Lee contributed generously to launch the program and sent the first group of interns to their ancestral villages in Guangdong Province. For over twenty years, the Foundation operated and supported this important program in close partnership with the Chinese Historical Society of America and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial Government (廣東省人民政府僑務辦公室).
The Roots Program has learned much from these incredible journeys, and it is in the spirit of cultural and self-exploration that we are committed to continue honoring the legacy of Him Mark Lai on both shores of the Pacific by establishing the Him Mark Lai Learning Center. Through the generosity of Laura Lai, and Rolland and Kathy Lowe, the Foundation is able to institutionalize and expand the In Search of Roots program.

(Photo Above: King Jung Lam on one of the first In Search of Roots  program visiting his home village in the 1990s. )

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