SF Chinatown Keywords School with Xu Tan

Workshop on April 9th, 2014. Left to right: Alice, Winnie, Jessica, Rebecca, Angela, Abby, Xu Tan.

Democracy Workshop led by artist Angel Chan from Toronto on April 3, 2014.

“The Keywords Project is like a river, you don’t see where it begins or end. Only from time to time, some findings got thrown to the banks for you to see. Its happening is also like a river, here today and there tomorrow.”


San Francisco Chinatown Keywords edition has concluded in September 2015! View the final celebration.

Learn more about his new project in Chinatown at 41 Ross, Social Botany for 2015-2016.

Keep up with more news on Xu Tan on his website

San Francisco Chinatown Keywords School Presents Video Bureau: Sue Hui

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Title: San Francisco Chinatown Keywords School

Leading Artist: Xu Tan

Collaborating Artist: Justin Hoover

Partner Organization: Chinatown Community Development Center

Partial Funded by Arts & Communities: Innovative Partnerships (ACIP) Of San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC)

Youth Participants: Alex Huang, Angela, Alice, Emily, Minxin, Lisa, Yayi, Winnie, Rebecca, Jessica Huang

Keywords School (Ross Alley) Launch: April 3, 2014

San Francisco Launch Day: October 17, 2013

Project Inception Day: 2005

Previous Cities: Cowin, Qingdao, China

                               Location One, New York, USA

                               Sittard, Holland

                               Guangzhou, China

                               Stockholm, Sweden

                               Venice Biennale, Italy


It’s a school without predetermined goal, It’s a new public art space, the artist, you and all the classmates are all part of the process, through the discussion and dialogues, you are creating art.



San Francisco Chinatown Keywords School provides a space for our youth participants to meet, discuss, interview, and develop their art work and connection to community, with Xu Tan and other visiting artists.

We invite the public to visit and participate in the evolving exhibition on our public dates:


April 29, 4-6pm Visiting Lecture from artist Sue Hui

April 30, 4-6pm Workshop with artist Sue Hui


May 8, 1-4pm, open house

May 15, 1-4pm, open house

May 22, 1-4pm, open house

May 29, 1-4pm, open house


June 6 11am – Keywords workshop with visiting artists

June 13 11am – Keywords workshop with community youth

June 27 11am – Workshop with Justin Hoover


July 3, 1-4pm open house

July 10, 1-4pm open house

July 17, 1-4pm open house

July 24, 1-4pm open house

July 31, 1-4pm open house

More dates and visiting artists coming soon!

Please continue to visit our website www.c-c-c.org/keywords for updates on the progress of the project throughout the summer and for public viewing dates.

Keywords school is also open for viewing by appointment. Please contact Shudao Zhang, shu@c-c-c.org to set up an appointment.

About San Francisco Chinatown Keywords School: Renowned international artist Xu Tan set up this multimedia art project in Chinatown, in collaborating with the Chinese Culture Foundation and Chinatown Community Development Center over the course of 2013-2014. The SF Chinatown Keywords School, in which he creates a participatory workshop for youth to create and collect “key words” from the community and to bring art into the streets of Chinatown that allow participants to explore art in their neighborhood, to develop social awareness about their surroundings, and to appreciate the unique social climate of Chinatown. Ten community youth will collaborate with Xu Tan to create an evolving exhibition in a pop-up gallery at Ross Alley from May-September.

Project is in partnership with Chinatown Community Development Center, funded by Arts & Communities: Innovative Partnerships of the San Francisco Arts Commission. General funding to the Chinese Culture Foundation provided by Grant for the Arts.

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