“Lure惑” Summary and Media Coverage

We are happy to report that installation artist Beili Liu’s “Lure惑” exhibit, on display at the Chinese Culture Center Gallery, has met with remarkable success. The buzz surrounding the exhibit began even before it went on display, but the opening reception of May 9th, boasting several hundred visitors, gave the exhibit the exposure it needed to generate public attention. Attendees at the event included prominent members of the local Chinese American and art communities, members of the press, and, of course, a great deal of San Francisco’s art lovers. The appeal of “Lure惑”, however, isn’t limited to denizens of the city. People came all the way from Silicon Valley to attend the reception, and more came (and continue to come) after the opening, sometimes literally by the bus load, to visit the exhibit which has captured imaginations across the bay area.

“Lure惑” has been the source of much acclaim. The exhibit was chosen as an official selection of the San Francisco International Arts Festival, and included as part of the 11th Annual United States of Asian America Festival. Prominent Chinese American artist Flo Oy Wong visited Beili Liu as “Lure惑” was being installed and found it to be “absolutely stunning”, and Jay Xu, the Director of the Asian Art Museum, who likewise paid a personal visit, found the exhibit “poetic”. Both the City of San Jose and the Mayor’s Office of San Francisco formally honored Beili Liu for the creation of ” Lure惑”. Furthermore, the exhibit has been the subject of three original, full-length reviews in major publications and online journals (SF Weekly, SF Examiner, and Artslant), and has been mentioned in a slew of other places such as the San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle Datebook, and the KQED Arts & Culture website.

The popularity of Beili Liu’s work has also been demonstrated on a less conspicuous level, namely that of sales. Local collectors have begun buying the individual pieces from “Lure惑” some purchases even being made before the official opening. On the same note, various merchandise surrounding the exhibit, such as prints, catalogs, and signed shadow boxes containing the characteristic red disks of spiraled thread, have been selling online and through the gallery gift shop. In addition, a documentary film which was made surrounding the installation and display of “Lure惑” was shown on the opening night of the CCC’s Chinese Culture Center Cinema film series, much to the delight of the panel speakers and audience.

In fact, it is probably fair to say that Beili Liu’s “Lure惑” has been a delight to everyone who has experienced it. All manner of people from all walks of life have praised the show, being able to find something within the exhibit which resonates with their own lives, regardless of their background. From journalists who have sung its praise, to enthusiastic comments in the guest book left by anonymous visitors, “Lure惑” has been successful in every sense of the word.

Beili Liu’s “Lure惑” exhibit at the Chinese Culture Center Gallery has had major coverage by the following publications:

San Francisco Examiner: “Legend Made Visible” by Janos Gereben. May 20th, 2008.

SFWeekly: “Beili Liu Lures Audience With Red String” by Traci Vogel. May 14th, 2008.

ArtSlant: “Lure: Chinese-American Contemporary Artist Beili Liu Explores the Ties that Bind Lovers” by DeWitt Cheng. May 18th, 2008.

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