MAO 4253

December 4, 1993

Mao 4253 is a “behavior art” performance by artist Zhao Jian-Hai.
Project Statement:
1. A global compilation of the “People’s View of Mao.” I will poll 36,500 people regarding their general .
opinion of Mao. A broad cross-section of the respondents, 365 people in all, will be selected for
detailed interviews.
2. “Behavior 31” – Open Performance Series. Will consist of myself joined by any and all members of the
viewing audience: singing, reading, dancing, painting, moving, running …
3. Artist will distribute approximately 8,000 posters of Mao in the SF and NY areas
4. Birthday party and lottery drawing for questionnaire respondents

SCHEDULE (all performances will take place from 1:00-5:00 PM):
Saturday December 4 San Francisco
Bridge from the Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco

Zhao Jian Hai is one of the most accomplished and controversial
artists to emerge from China in recent years. An honours
graduate from the prestigious An Academy of Beijing, he has
exhibited widely and collected many awards and scholarships
during his career as an anisr. For the past five years, 30-year old
Zhao has lived in San Francisco.
Much of Zhao’s recent work is in the form of mixed media and
collage with which he creates an exciting series of what he calls
“Temple Gates”. This series evolved from his solo exploration
of 30,000 kilometres of Tibet, an experience which transformed
his personal and artistic values.
Since 1986, Zhao has extended his art ro what he calls
“Chinese Action Air Art” multi-media theatrical performances,
depicting the complexity and beauty of the human
condition. To inaugurate his Hong Kong show, Zhao will
organize a spontaneous performance ro commemorate the
centenary of Chairman Mao’s birth.
Since Zhao’s arrival in the United States, he has exhibited at
the San Bernardino Museum, Triton Museum of Art, California
Museum of Art, and other renowned galleries. His work
has been collected by galleries, private collectors and museums
from Finland to Malaysia.