About the Visual Art Center gallery

The Visual Art Center has a 3,000 square foot gallery dedicated to sparking intercultural discovery and promoting the most innovative artists today.

In recent years, the Center’s gallery has recognized the importance of art and culture as vehicles in enhancing the community and has subsequently put on exhibitions to challenge the status quo of what is considered “Chinese art” and culture, and to introduce emerging artists and their work.

Our visual art program seeks to challenge perceptions, broaden perspectives, and stimulate understanding of art and culture. In addition to the rotating exhibitions, we have recurring annual and multi-year exhibition series at the Center: Present Tense Biennial and XianRui (fresharp). The logos below will take you to an archive of news and featured artists for the series.




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Gallery floor plan. Gallery walls are 15′ 1.5″ tall. Click here to download.


Exhibiting at Visual Art Center

The Visual Art Center (VAC)welcomes proposals from curatorial professionals. Please email jenny@c-c-c.org the proposal specifying exhibition concept, execution plan, budget and amount of funding secured. Depending on space availability and strength of proposals, VAC can host guest exhibitions from one month or more. Exhibitions need to work around existing exhibition schedule. VAC plans calendar two years in advance.

Individual artists are invited to share portfolio online at gallery.c-c-c.org, a free platform to showcase artwork.

We encourage all interested parties to come visit our gallery to see the space and learn more about our exhibitions. Gallery hours are Tues-Sat, 10-4pm, closed holidays.


藝術家可將作品上傳到gallery.c-c-c.org, 此服務由中華文化中心提供,完全免費。


視覺藝術中心歡迎專業策展人和藝術機構提交展覽計劃書。 如有相關展覽計劃書,可發郵件到jenny@c-c-c.org,標題為“展覽計劃書”。請在文件中列明展覽意念,執行計劃,預算和已到位的資金。