The Chinese Culture Center is located in downtown San Francisco, on the third floor of the newly renovated Hilton Hotel. The convenient location and beautiful architecture make the Center a wonderful place for private events, including receptions, meetings and formal parties. Non-profit organizations should inquire about special arrangements for renting the Center’s facilities.

Wells Fargo Room

This room was refurnished and improved during our renovation in 2005. It includes large windows for natural lighting as well as built-in lights in the ceiling for a contemporary atmosphere. The space can accommodate up to 26 people and is easily accessible, which is useful when we hold our year-round and seasonal language classes for students of all ages and ethnicities. In addition to helping our community connect through language, we also hold culture presentations and press conferences, such as the Moon Festival Talk and the Artist Community Meetings. Chinese Culture Foundation has named this classroom in honor of Wells Fargo’s generous donation to our new endowment fund, Campaign for a New Beginning. This donation to CCF’s Campaign for a New Beginning demonstrates Wells Fargo’s commitment to the culture and arts of the Chinese community in San Francisco.

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Auditorium Capacity: 200-400 people depends on seating arrangement. The Auditorium has the following audio-visual equipment at extra charge: screen, projector, microphone.

Rental Eligibility:

All commercial bookings and events that involves the auditorium should inquire the Hilton Hotel directly at: 1-415-433-6600

To apply for discounted space sharing from Chinese Culture Center, please click here to fill out a form online or submit a proposal with the following information:

  1. Name of the organization
  2. 501(c)(3) status
  3. Are you a CCC non-profit member?
  4. Event name
  5. Detailed description of the event including:
    1. Expected attendees
    2. Set-up requirement (Seating arrangement, Projector, Microphone & Screen)
    3. Target date & Time and duration
    4. Admission fee
  6. Is this an Asian Community specific event?
  7. Will you be able to pay for the rental fee plus cleaning deposit when booking it?

Submit the proposal to:

Community Space Sharing
Chinese Culture Center (Space Sharing)
750 Kearny Street, Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108


Email proposal in Mircosoft Word, with the subject Space Sharing to: rentals at c-c-c . org or call 415-986-1822, ext 31 for more information.




1. 機構名稱

2.   501(c)(3)

3. 請說明是否中華文化中心非牟利會員

4. 活動名稱

5. 活動細則,包括:

a. 參加人數

b. 須安裝設施(座位安排、放映設備、放音設備和銀幕)

c. 日期、時間及時程

d. 收費

6. 請說明是否亞裔社區的特別活動

7. 請說明預訂時是否預付租金和清潔費用


Facility Rental
Chinese Culture Center (Facility Rental)
750 Kearny Street, Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

或以Mircosoft Word格式文件電郵至rentals at c-c-c . org,或致電415-986-1822, 32號分機查詢詳情。