May 11, 6:00 PM – Mirror On the Wall: A Conversation Between American-Born and Chinese Immigrants/ 回聲:本土華人與移民的對話


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Mirror On the Wall: A Conversation Between American-Born and Chinese Immigrants
Presented by KQED & Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

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In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Chinese community is powerful, yet divided by immigration status, language access, and acculturation issues. Come to this KQED screening at the Chinese Culture Center followed by a panel discussion to facilitate the first-ever dialogue between Newcomers and Chinese Americans. Simultaneous Cantonese and English translation provided.

“Different generations of immigrants have vastly different perspectives and concerns, yet we all call ourselves Chinese,” said Chinese Culture Center Executive Director Sabina Chen. “As a large extended family, how do we communicate across generations and reach some common ground as a community? How do we address varying, sometimes conflicting interests with respect and understanding?”

The discussion will incorporate clips from two KQED-produced documentaries about the local Chinese American community and will be simultaneously translated in Cantonese and English.

– Clips from KQED-produced documentaries “Immigrant Voices-American Stories” and “The Hidden Cities of San Francisco Series: Chinatown”
– Facilitated community discussion with simultaneous Cantonese and English translation

– Kari Lee, Executive Director, Chinatown YMCA
– Wang Danxiong, Photographer (also Community Liaison for Chinese Artist Network and Online Interactive Host, Chinese Photographers Network)
– Christina Wong, Director of Community Initiatives, Chinese for Affirmative Action
– Abby Chen, Program Director, Chinese Culture Center
– Moderator: Darlene Chiu, News Manager, PG&E (also Former Chief Deputy Communications Director at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office)

5月11日,下午6:00 – 8:00

華人群體在舊金山灣區的勢力強大, 然而華人社區因移民身份, 語言和文化適應等方面的差異而存在分化現象。KQED“移民焦點“與中華文化中心攜手推出首個多元論壇,為新移民和本土出生華人的搭設一個對話的平臺。論壇將配備英文和廣東話翻譯。

舊金山中華文化中心爲了增進華人社區跨代移民之間的了解與互動,將在5月11日與KQED的“移民焦點”共同舉辦論壇:“回聲:本土華人與移民的對話”, 論壇將著重探討華人移民的歷史構成,本土出生華人(ABC)成長中面對的困惑, 對於身份的認同和與長輩的隔閡, 以及本土華人和第一代移民如何打破無形的障礙, 攜手合作等議題。我們相信這個論壇只是一個開始, 這是一個華人社會中一直存在但是很少被探討的話題。



趙翠薇, 媒體總監,太平洋電器,


陳暢, 項目主任, 中華文化中心

林少麗, 總監,華埠女青年會

王丹雄, 化學工程師,攝影師,

黃美瑜, 社區統籌, 華人權益促進會