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Mandarin Course Descriptions

The Chinese Culture Center offers beginning Mandarin courses that are practical and fun. All of Chinatown is your classroom as you learn Mandarin while interactively exploring the restaurants, geography, culture and history of our community with your fellow classmates. Our classes will give you a foundation for using Mandarin in business, travel, making new friends, or for personal enrichment.  If you want to learn Mandarin, and want to go beyond textbooks and classrooms to learn as part of the community, then the Chinese Culture Center Mandarin program is the right fit for you.


Mandarin A – Fun with Food

(This course is suitable for all beginners up to intermediate level.)


In this class, students will be introduced to the Mandarin necessary for socializing over food.  This class will have dinner together at a restaurant 2 times per session in order to practice ordering and talking about food.  Each student should be prepared to spend up to $20 per meal. They will learn how to

  • Order authentic Chinese food in a restaurant
  • Have a light social conversation in Mandarin

Not limited to conversational, including Chinese characters learning.

This will be follow by classes that will learn how to get around Chinatown, how to make projects together and how to talk about work and hobbies.


Class Schedule

October 20th – December 22nd ( no class on Nov 10th & Nov 24th )

Saturday 10am – 1pm

Contact email: colin[at]

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