Nostalgia – Photography, video, and installation 鄉愁 – 攝影,錄像, 裝置展

Exhibition Poster

09.07.07-01.04.08 Opening reception: 09/07 7:00 PM. This fall the Chinese Culture Center will present Nostalgia, a group show of photography, video, and installation including artists from the United States and mainland China. Nostalgia explores ideas of longing and memory especially in relation to the idea of a homeland
鄉愁. 中華文化中心即將推出”鄉愁”攝影,錄像, 裝置展.

09.22.07 2PM – Presentation by Norma Quintana and her students.

09.29.07 3PM – Presentation and panel discussion with the artists.

Artists: Crystal Liu, Liang Ma, Jin Meng, Norma Quintana (Returning Swallows), Felix Tian, Dan-xiong Wang, Chi Zhang.

What’s nostalgia? It’s family portrait, eye exercise, revolution theatre, airplane and ship, adopted from China, born in USA…whenever we touch the subject of memory and longing, homeland is the most often mentioned component. As time changes, life circulates, nostalgia originated from homeland, returns to heart. Reform, migration, diaspora, sojourn dilute and blur the geographical concept.

The artists in this show present a wide range of perspectives: from personal to popular culture, from abstract to documentary. Among the varied works are a makeshift theater and photographs of China by American-adopted Chinese girls. Nostalgia includes installation work, contemporary video collage, historical collections of photographs and documents, and both experimental and straight photography. Curated by CCC Program Director Abby Chen and photography curator Heather Snider.



鄉愁探討對於故土的牽掛和回憶, 藝術家們展示了廣泛的視野:從個人文化到大眾文化, 從抽像到紀實. 一系列風格迥異的作品或來自臨時影院, 或來自領養中國女孩的家庭. 由文化中心項目主任陳暢和施艿珊共同策展製作.

展藝術家包括:張馳, Crystal Liu,王丹雄,孟瑾,田城,馬良, Norma Quintana (雛燕歸巢)

Crystal Liu: You Are Here 你在此地
馬良 Liang Ma: Eye Exercise 眼保健操
孟瑾 Jin Meng: Will you come, or should I go 你來還是我去
Norma Quintana (Returning Swallows): 雛燕歸巢
田城 Felix Tian: Nostalgia 鄉愁
王丹雄 Dan-xiong Wang: Great, glorious, righteous 偉大光榮正確
張馳 Chih Zhang: Family Album 家庭相冊

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