On the Edge of Culture

CCC is proud to present On the Edge of Culture, opening on March 15. Reception on April 5.

Stella Zhang, '0'

On the Edge of Culture is a group exhibition that presents an experimental take on culture with interpretations from the 1.5 generation taking part in the contemporary Chinese art scene. The exhibit’s inclusion of 1.5 generation artists—artists having a foothold in two or more cultures—features Artist-in-Residence Carol Koffel, with Stella Zhang, Jiang Xueman, Liang Liting, Liu Yin, and a video exchange with Fei Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai.Carol Koffel has spent the last three months at the CCC as our inaugural Artist in Residence. In the show, she is challenged to incorporate community elements into her work and experiment with culture and 1.5 generation.

Carol Koffel 'Perched on a Line'


CCC is proud to partner with Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC) in Shanghai to promote a cross-cultural video exchange for artists in the FCAC Video Project. Selected artists’ videos will be shown at the CCC in San Francisco, at FCAC in Shanghai, and at Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taipei. Videos will also be submitted for national and international exhibitions.

For more information on how to apply, see the 2012 application.

For all US participants, please send your videos to:

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
Attn: FCAC Video Project
750 Kearny St, Floor 3
San Francisco, CA 94108
For questions, please email jenny[at]c-c-c.org

Read an Interview with On the Edge of Culture artist and current CCC Artist in Residence, Carol Koffel.
View the installation of On the Edge of Culture.

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