8/12/07 1:00 Pai Gu 排骨

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The story is talking about a junior high school graduate Pai Gu. He is from Jiangxi Province, selling pirate DVDs in Shenzhen to make a living. It is rather cynical that he sells only “artistic films”. He knows everything about those masters and their masterpieces. However, he has never seen one. He said that he possibly would not understand those films because of his poor education background. He could only understand those which were reflecting average person’s everyday life. 排骨,江西人,初中毕业。在深圳和朋友合伙卖翻版DVD,而且卖的全是艺术电影。He likes soap opera, popular film stars, and he also likes popular songs. He likes pretty girls too. He has always been expecting a romance. On the other hand, he tried to convince himself that people like him, who came from village without any educational background, had no chance to have his own true love.

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Directed by Gaoming Liu; 106 mins; 2005; English & Chinese Subtitles

刘高明《排骨》106 mins, 2006 (Pai Gu)


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