Programming – Into the Nearness of Distance 最近的距離


In connection with the Into the Nearness of Distance exhibition, a series of performances and community workshops with the artist will be part of auxiliary events. Join us for these participatory events with the artist and the community!


July 10 – opening reception, with performance with Summer Lee, Karen Leslie Ficke, and Adam Hathaway


August 16 @ Portsmouth Square - Summer Lee and  Sofia Araya-Villena will collaborate in a new performance, involving plexiglass and language in an investigation of how words give us the world by taking it away


Part of the Chinatown Music Festival


Sept 25 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 6-8pm – A community, collaborative art-making performance followed by a tea-tasting, hosted by artists and members of the CCC.

Audience will participate in making bird seed sculptures, or contribute to a larger birdseed sculpture that will be placed in Portsmouth Square.

Sept 27 @ Visual Art Center- 1-3pm Artist workshop and gallery tour- Summer Lee will do a interactive artist workshop with the community, along with gallery tour. Performance will include installing bird seed sculpture made from previous artist performance in Portsmouth Square, where birds/pigeon will erode the work away, with time lapse documentation.

Other dates to be announced.


Visual Art Center

750 Kearny St, 3F

San Francisco, CA 94108


Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

701 Mission St

San Francisco, CA 94103


Portsmouth Square 花園角

(public square block between Clay and Washington, Kearny and Grant)

San Francisco, Chinatown

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